Nerull's Stones

Nerull’s Stone


The details are a little fuzzy cuz it’s been a while, so if I’ve forgotten any necessary details, please let me know.

Our characters met in Oak Bridges. A little town West of Consortin, in the western district of the Mandalorian Empire. The bar tender in Oak Bridges told us a rumor about an orc named Kraken Gulp who had burnt down a small mining community somewhere to the North of us in a town called Burmont. Later that evening we got into a scuffle with some rowdy locals and ended up killing one of them. Consequently we had to flee the town. The bartender came to us and told us about an old fort across the Shallow River where we could hide out from the violent townsmen for a while.

A ranger named Tarkin, a relative of one of our companions, went looking for us and found us at the old fort. Tarkin explains the strange orcish and goblin behavior in the area. Along with the ill omened behavior of the wolves in Even Wood. Thorivere the druid, a native of nearby Elven Wood also joins our party. He’s been noticing a lot of strange animal behavior in the western woods and has made it his personal mission to find out what’s going on.

The fort turned out to be a 300 year old legion construction. A small scouting party led by a Captain of the legion had used it in ages past as a base of operations for orc skirmishes. We found a journal in the ready room of the fort, left behind by the Captain, detailing events that had taken place over 300 years ago. The journal described how even then, the orcish tribes of western Mandoria had dealings with Nerull’s followers (a mysterious cult).

History tells us the orcs of the time were defeated when King Burroughs VIII sent General Calbardo (more widely known as Conqueror Calbardo) and his legions to the newly settled western district.

We fought many battles at the fort; against worgs, goblins and vengeful townsmen. Tarkin fell in battle when the townsmen attacked. After burying Tarkin we headed North following kobold tracks to a cave where we fought and defeated spiders, kobolds, worgs and even a dark necromancer of Nerull. In the necromancers lair we found a small gem stone emitting an eerie green light.

Having exited the cave we came upon a small goats trail leading over and around the mountain and onto the trail that makes its way from Consortin to Burmont.

I’d like to include the characters names and stats of the time if anyone still has that information. I cant remember everyone and everything so help me out…



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