Nerull's Stones

Nerull’s Stone


The town of Burmont is a few stone cottages skewered and scarred in black. An untouched wooden archway welcomes visitors along the path. Rubble is everywhere, burnt and hacked up bodies dot the town scape.

The characters entered the ruins of Burmont to find 2 legionnaires already in battle with Hobgoblins. The party joined the battle. Soon after words, 2 ogres and a powerful Orc joined the fight.

As you enter the battle, 2 large hulking brutes let out a dumb sounding, but powerful roar as they smash the remaining cobble stoned walls of a house nearby and enter the fray. They each stand 9 1/2 feet tall with huge ugly heads. Their hair is nappy, long and naturally dreaded. Their skin is a filthy dark brown. Rusted iron collars are clasped about their necks with a long chain connecting the two. The chain itself is heavily spiked, tightly grasped with one hand about 30 ft back by a fully armored personage slightly over 6 ft. tall.

After the battle was won, the legionnaires introduce themselves as Marcus and Johan. They were out hunting for Orc ear’s. They showed us a decree, recently written by Senator Vambraldt, stating the value and reward for Orc ears.

Marcus and Johan explained what happened in Burmont. Stating that the marauding tribe of Orcs led by the fearsome Kraken Gulp sacked the town for whatever reason Orcs deem necessary to sack towns. They also knew where Kraken Gulp and his tribe were camped and explained that it was only a half dozen miles North of us.

Our heroes camped that night with Marcus and Johan. Deciding to leave the two legionnaires on watch while the group tried to catch up on some much needed rest. It was an ill fated decision and a black night for many of the heroes sleeping soundly there. For Marcus and Johan fell asleep while on duty, allowing rogue goblins to creep up silently on the group, killing many in their sleep.

After that tragic night, Marcus and Johan traveled ashamedly back to Consortin, while the heroes went on to Kraken Gulp’s camp. There we saw a White Guard Wizard being tied to a totem and tortured. The heroes attacked. Fighting Orcs, Goblins, HobGoblins, Ogres, and even Kraken Gulp himself. The whole Orcish tribe fought and each member of the tribe died in their futile efforts.

After freeing the White Guard Wizard, we find out his name was William. William joined the party.

If theirs a certain story, moment or particular act you’d like highlighted here, just let me know. Theirs an awful lot of detail we’re missing out on here.



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