Nerull's Stones

Nerull’s Stone

Act III.

After defeating Kraken Gulp our heroes crossed a precarious rope bridge to the other side of a wide ravine. On the far side of the ravine was an entrance to a cave. Within the cave our characters found many Goblin Engineers building a massive Golem like construct. Scaffolds and work crews surrounded the 4 storied object. At the top most scaffolding deck stood a necromancer dressed in rustic robes with a skull mask hiding his facial features. A large spectral hand hovered near him, awaiting his command.

Here is where our heroes learned that the cult of Nerull was using Kraken Gulp’s tribe to raid the mining community of Burmont in order to build there massive weapon, a giant golem. One eerie green gem stone was already embedded in the left eye of the golem – an identical twin to the stone our heroes picked up earlier in their adventures and now carried. The right eye of the golem was a lonely barren socket. Our heroes quickly learned that the stone’s of Nerull (the eerie green gem stones) have a dominating will of their own, and the stone’s wanted to activate that golem.

One of our heroes, by the name of Nathaniel, was overcome by the stone’s deadly will. The bewitched Nathaniel tried desperately to place the stone he carried in the barren socket of the construct while the rest of our heroes fought the necromancer and vied to intervene. DingleDorf our adventuring Wizard, cast “Evard’s Black Tentacles” bringing the scaffolding down around the inactive golem. Giving the party enough time to kill the necromancer and wrestle the stone from the hands of Nathaniel before the giant creation was activated.



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