The First Stone

Quotes from the Story wake to the same ominous feeling you felt on the walk from Burmont, as the night goes on, the feeling of eyes watching you grows greater and greater. As you walk quietly around the edge of the camp site searching for the eyes you find nothing. But the feeling becomes nauseating as if the barer of the eyes has descended upon you and somehow stops your breath. You sink to your knees with a sudden racking pain inside your head, the world around you slipping into black…

...your mind is reeling and fighting. The only light you can see past the squirming blackness is a faint green glow now visible. You know deep down that that glow is the stone calling you. It seems to know your name. It wants you for something. You fight for what seems like an eternity trying to avoid moving closer to the horrible green glow. But you descend towards it none the less. Slowly gravitating towards the bright green light, fighting all the way. Your brought within inches of its emerald surface. Dark shadows seem to swirl excitedly within the stone. You try to look away but you cannot. One dark shadowy form seems to grow inside the green. Humanoid and featureless it stalks toward you. Until its eyes are staring directly into your own, seemingly ripping through your soul. Just when you feel you can take no more, as if your head might explode from the war raging within. The darkness slips away quite suddenly leaving you breathless, trembling, and drenched in sweat, but comforted in your strange victory…

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