Nerull’s Stones

A campaign thats taken our characters from 1st lv to 10th and counting..

This is a new idea as far as our campaign goes… We’re going on the web! I’m going to try this site out for a little while. I think it may deal with some of the issues regarding information / communication that our group personally struggles with. I’m going to slowly but surely get this site up to snuff with where we’re currently at in our role playing.

From what I’ve seen so far, Obsidian Portal offers some pretty cool features that might serve as a vital toolkit for both you as player’s and me as your DM. Just as the Player’s Handbook is a reference guide to the rules of D&D, this site will be a reference guide to experiencing Morda Horne (the continent we’re on), only this site will be infinitely better.

There are all kinds of useful programs I’ve found on here (after only having visited it for a few hours!), such as;

An Adventure Log
This will let us know what happened last time & the time before that. In a sense it could become a well written history of what’s happened in our campaign.
NPC Tracker
Helpful if you wanna remember so and so’s name, where he’s at, what important relic he was toting around, and why…
Creature List
Item List
Character List
For discussing subjects of interest or necessity.
Though they wanna make me pay a membership fee to get more than one map up here… I think I’ll give the site a serious whirl before I start spending monthly dues on D&D… Might as well break out the costumes and Kool-Aid right?
There’s even a Comment Box, cute right?

Go through the site, post your characters, let me know what you think, include your suggestions & your questions. Email Me if need be.

Nerull's Stones